Chapter 9
Scene messages

A scene may be viewed as a window on the score elements. Its address is /ITL/sceneIdentifier where sceneIdentifier is the scene name.

9.1 Scene control

The following messages are available at scene level, to control the scene appearance and behaviour:

sceneMsg PICT

Setting a scene current path:

/ITL/scene rootPath "/path/to/my/folder";

Loading an INScore file:

/ITL/scene load "myscript.inscore";

  will load /path/to/my/folder/myscript.inscore into the scene.

Setting a scene to fullscreen:

/ITL/scene fullscreen 1;

Creating a new score named myScore:

/ITL/myScore new;

9.2 Scene queries

A scene may respond to queries regarding its elements:

sceneQuery PICT

Counting the elements in a scene:

/ITL/scene get count;
  will give a message like the following as output:
/ITL/scene count 200;