Get the score image

Get a image of the score in png format. The screen version is associated with the image.


With http server

A http GET request at root of the server is used to get the image. The message-body should by empty :
path : serverUrl/

With websocket server

A JSON object with two fields is used to get the image :
  • id : an arbitrary id for the request
  • method : the method is image. This field is used to identified the request


var getJsonObject = { id : "145678", method : "image"};


With http server

The server send the image with the Cache-Control directive set to no-cache. A If-Modified-Since directive with a date can be used to avoid unecessary data transfer. If the score has not been modified since the specified date, a 304 (Not modified) response is returned.

In other case, a normal GET response is returned :

The format of the image is defined by the Mime type in the Content-type header of the response. Only the “image/png” Mime type is currently supported. A custom field X-Inscore-Version is added to header, it contains the current version of the score (see Getting the screen version).

Response code : 200(“success”)

Response body : the image of the score in the format defined in the Content-type header.

With websocket server

A JSON object with five keys :
  • id : the id of the request
  • status : OK in case of success or ERROR in case of error.
  • version : the score version.
  • mimeType : the mime-type of the image.
  • image : an ArrayBuffer which contains the image data encoded in base64.

The only image format currently supported is ‘png’ (mimeType “image/png”)

Example : {id : "145678", status : "OK", version : 1542, mimeType : "image/png", image : [xxx]}

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